What Is Vilafinil?

what is vilafinil

Vilafinil is a psychostimulant of the new generation. Modafinil is a drug derived from a substance called Adrafinil (Adrafinil) developed in 1970 by the French company Lafon Laboratories.

The drug belongs to the class of nootropics. Nootropics, also known as neurometabolic stimulators — are means that have a direct activating effect on learning, improve memory and mental activity, as well as increase the resistance of the brain to aggressive influences.

The term “nootropic” was introduced in 1972 to describe the effects of modafinil on the sensitive-cognitive sphere of the effects of piracetam, as well as other stimulants, increasing the release of monoamines , in particular, catecholamines norepinephrine and dopamine from synaptic terminals.

However, Vilafinil also increases histamine levels in hypothalamus, with the result that some researchers believe Modafinil a “wakefulness agent” rather than classic amphetamine. However, despite the histaminergic effects of Vilafinil, it is partly an amphetamine-class stimulant due to its effects on norepinephrine and dopamine levels.

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The American Federal service for the control of cachesvom medicines and foods classified drug Modafinil as the most effective means to combat narcolepsy.

Narcolepsy is a disease of the nervous system related to hypersomnia, characterized by daytime bouts of insuperable drowsiness and bouts of sudden sleep, cataplexia attacks, that is, a sudden loss of muscle tone with clear consciousness, sleep disorders, the appearance of hypnagogic (when falling asleep) and hypnapompic (when awakening) hallucinations. Sometimes there is a short-term paralysis of the body (the inability to move hands and feet) immediately after awakening.)

Application of Vilafinil

vilafinil modafinilIn addition to drug addiction Vilafinil is also effectively used in attention deficit disorder,in the treatment of resistant depression and multiple sclerosis, is used as an additional tool in the treatment of antidepressants.

Due to the ability to significantly increase the endurance of the body and the effects similar to the action with amphetamine and due to the increase in the number of athletes caught in the use of Modafinil in international competitions, the World Anti Doping Agency has made Modafinil in the list of prohibited for use in sports drugs and recognized the drug Vilafinil doping agent. In this regard, Modafinil quickly began to gain popularity among drivers, programmers, amateur athletes, shift workers. The drug is also used in the treatment of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, myotonic dystrophy,spastic cerebral palsy and Parkinson’s disease. In recent years, Modafinil is often used as a highly effective means to reduce appetite and weight loss. Studies have shown that when using Vilafinil, the overall appetite level of the subjects decreases by at least 38%, which in turn leads to a rapid weight loss. Today, scientists are considering the use of Modafinil in the treatment of cocaine addiction, primary biliary cirrhosis and bipolar disorder. Registered facts of misuse and abuse of the drug Modafinil students in the UK and France, club youth and employees of the entertainment industry which led to fierce disputes about the safety of Vilafinil and its legal status but except for the United States where Modafinil is a controlled substance and is included in the list of drugs № 4 in any of the countries of the world Modafinil is not a drug and is absolutely legal.

The military departments of some countries plan to replace the traditional amphetamine in the first-aid kits of special forces soldiers with Vilafinil due to its more effective and beneficial effect on the human body. Modafinil has already been successfully used by astronauts, military and emergency services in a number of European countries.

Vilafinil Effects

Vilafinil helps a lot of people in situations where it is necessary to be in the best shape and excellent tone to use all their potential to achieve their goals. It is a powerful stimulant that improves memory, intelligence and other parameters of mental activity. It effectively relieves fatigue and restores cognitive brain function. Modafinil is one of the best means to stimulate mental activity, reduce the need for sleep and treat depression. A very important positive point is the absence of side effects such as: addiction, overexcitation and reduced sense of responsibility Modafinil as a drug is found in the form of tablets and powder. And when taking it should be borne in mind that in addition to tablets Vilafinil contains a number of auxiliary substances while in the form of powder Modafinil is available in pure form, which accordingly affects the pharmacologically active dosage of the drug. Usually the prescribed dose is 200 mg once a day (less often, from 100 to 400 mg / day in one or two doses). Vilafinil is usually taken one dose in the morning or two doses in the morning and at noon.

As a rule, it is not recommended to take modafinil in the afternoon: Vilafinil is a drug with a long half-life and withdrawal from the body can take up to 15 hours, and its reception in the afternoon carries the risk of sleep disorders.

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