Brand: Alpha Pharma
Category: Injectable Steroids
Substance: Drostanolone propionate (Masteron)
Package: 10 ampoules (100mg/ml)


Mastebolin or Masteron (Drostanolone propionate) is a unique steroid that is used in most of the sports areas at the Pro level. It drastically increases strength and, in addition, burns subcutaneous fat. A characteristic feature of this pharmacological drug is considered to be the absence of side effects inherent in testosterone. At the same time, according to the effects, he damnly reminds the main hormone testosterone. Drostanolone can be called “special testosterone” with unique androgenic and anabolic effects that are suitable for some purposes, more abruptly than the majority of pharmacological drugs.

Mastebolin effects

  • 1. Increase working weight;
  • 2. Does not lead to accumulation of water;
  • 3. Modest diuretic effect;
  • 4. Powerful local fat burning effect;
  • 5. Improved stiffness, plus drawing muscle volumes;
  • 6. Without difficulty combined with other anabolic drugs, enhancing their action;
  • 7. Suitable for a variety of highly specialized tasks;
  • 8. In the case of the right combination of anabolic drugs, it gives an opportunity to grow dry weight.

Mastebolin cycle

Drostanolone is a specialized anabolic drug that is best suited on the cycle of cutting, for weight loss, but this does not prevent the active use of Masteron for other purposes. It all depends on the chosen cycle of steroids.

If you are trying to cut your weight, at the same time to keep muscles, then for you there are two types of usual anabolic cycles based on masteron: low-dose tren and 100 mg masteron for one day. Anavar, turinabol can be used as a background. Cycle term: 7-8 weeks. The second option is a budget: testosterone propionate and drostanolone masteron propionate 100 mg every other day. Use Turinabol, Oxan or Winstrol as a background. Here the length of the cycle is up to 2 months.

Side effects of Mastebolin

Undoubtedly, Masteron is an extraordinary steroid without negative manifestations, like in older brothers, for example testosterone. His main side – gynecomastia. You will not get this on Masteron’s overdosages, because it does not aromatize.

Yet for such an infallible steroid profile you have to pay. These are rashes. Due to noticeable androgenic avidity, many bodybuilders complain of acne, especially on the back. Without this, dipropionate is a perfect anabolic drug for cutting and even for recruiting high-quality hard muscles.

Mastebolin Reviews

Reviews say one thing – an excellent steroid for quality form. Both men and women note the ability of drostanolone propionate to reduce the level of subcutaneous fat and at the same time increase muscle mass. Athletes talk about rare side effects and are pleased with the painlessness of the shots. Masteron price and quality have always been attractive to buyers. If you purchased an original product, then you can be sure that the result will be great.

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